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Add a Mapbox Studio style as a basemap in ArcGIS Online

Mapbox allows you to integrate your Mapbox Studio styles with ArcGIS Online. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a style from your Mapbox account to your ArcGIS Online project as a tile layer.

Getting Started

There are a few resources you will need to follow along with this tutorial:

  • ArcGIS Online account. You can sign up for a free account on the ArcGIS website.
  • Integration URL. You can find the integration URL in the Share & use modal for your style. Finding this will be covered in a later step.

Create a new project in ArcGIS

Navigate to your ArcGIS Online projects page and create a new project:

  • Log into ArcGIS Online.
  • Navigate to the Make a Map page. This will automatically create a new project.
  • Click Add > Add Layer from Web.

A new window will open. Choose A Tile Layer from the dropdown list.

Find your ArcGIS integration URL

In another tab in your browser, open Mapbox Studio and find your ArcGIS integration URL:

  • Log into Mapbox Studio.
  • Open the style you would like to use in the style editor.
  • Click on the Share... button in the top bar.
  • When the Share modal opens, make sure you're looking at the Production tab.
  • Toggle to the Third party option.
  • Select the ArcGIS Online option in the drop down.
  • Copy the URL by clicking the clipboard icon.

Add your Mapbox style as a tile layer

Let's return to ArcGIS Online to finish adding our tile layer:

  • Navigate back to your ArcGIS Online project.
  • In the open Add Layer from Web window, paste your ArcGIS integration URL in the URL field.
  • Check the Use as Basemap box.
  • Add a Title to your layer.
  • Add "© OpenStreetMap contributors Design © Mapbox" to the Credits field.
  • Click Add Layer.

Finished product

You've successfully added your Mapbox style as the basemap in your ArcGIS Online project.

Next steps

If you're interested in creating a custom or branded style in Mapbox Studio to be used in ArcGIS Online, take a look at our Create a custom style tutorial.