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Add a Mapbox Studio style as a basemap in ArcGIS Online

Familiarity with and access to ArcGIS Online.

Mapbox allows you to integrate your Mapbox Studio styles with ArcGIS Online. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a style from your Mapbox account to your ArcGIS Online project as a tile layer.

Getting Started

There are a few resources you will need to follow along with this tutorial:

  • ArcGIS Online account. You can sign up for a free account on the ArcGIS website.
  • Integration URL. You can find the integration URL in the Share & use modal for your style. Finding this will be covered in a later step.

Create a new project in ArcGIS

Navigate to your ArcGIS Online projects page and create a new project:

  • Log into ArcGIS Online.
  • Navigate to the Make a Map page. This will automatically create a new project.
  • Click Add > Add Layer from Web.

A new window will open. Choose A Tile Layer from the dropdown list.

Find your ArcGIS integration URL

In another tab in your browser, open Mapbox Studio and find your ArcGIS integration URL:

  • Log into Mapbox Studio.
  • Open the style you would like to use in the style editor.
  • Click on the Share... button in the top bar.
  • When the Share modal opens, make sure you're looking at the Production tab.
  • Toggle to the Third party option.
  • Select the ArcGIS Online option in the drop down.
  • Copy the URL by clicking the menu clipboard icon.

Add your Mapbox style as a tile layer

Let's return to ArcGIS Online to finish adding our tile layer:

  • Navigate back to your ArcGIS Online project.
  • In the open Add Layer from Web window, paste your ArcGIS integration URL in the URL field.
  • Check the Use as Basemap box.
  • Add a Title to your layer.
  • Add "© OpenStreetMap contributors Design © Mapbox" to the Credits field.
  • Click Add Layer.

Finished product

You've successfully added your Mapbox style as the basemap in your ArcGIS Online project.

Next steps

If you're interested in creating a custom or branded style in Mapbox Studio to be used in ArcGIS Online, take a look at our Create a custom style tutorial.

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