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Report a problem with the map

Mapbox provides many tools for reporting issues with our map data, geocoding results, and directions. If you identify a problem with one of these services, we welcome you to report it so we can improve our products.

Map Data

To report a data issue you've identified on a Mapbox-provided map, visit our Improve the map tool. To learn more about where our map data comes from and how you can contribute, visit our Map data getting started guide. For all other data-related issues, contact our Support team with details about the specific issue.

To report an issue you've identified with our geocoding (address matching) tools or APIs, visit our Improve the map tool. You can test addresses and reverse geocoding (converting longitude and latitude coordinates to an address) requests in the Search playground. To learn more about how geocoding works, visit our Geocoding getting started guide.

To report routing issues you've identified with the Directions API, you can provide feedback from our Directions API Playground by generating the route and then clicking the Send feedback about this route button. You can also use the Directions API Playground to test your request, response, and any parameters you would like to include in your request. For all other navigation-related services, contact our Support team with the full API request.