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How to get support while building with Mapbox

If you are getting started with Mapbox, trying out new APIs or SDKs, or updating your existing applications, you may need help. Detailed below are several options for getting support.

Join the Mapbox Developers Discord

There are thousands of developers building with Mapbox tools and services in our Developer Discord server. This online community is a place where developers can share what they are working on, find help and support from the community, and learn and grow together.

The Mapbox Developers Discord Community is organized into channels corresponding to particular Mapbox products. Before asking a question, make sure that you are posting it in the most relevant channel.

The Mapbox Developers Discord Community is an inclusive community and has Community Guidelines about behavior towards other users that must be agreed to before posting. The guidelines are in the "#rules" channel, and will automatically appear immediately after joining.

Hire a developer from the Developer Network

The Mapbox Developer Network is a community of independent developers, designers, geospatial professionals, and other freelancers who work with Mapbox tools who are available for hire. Search, preview, and get in touch with someone who can help you get your project rolling.

To get started, click Find a Developer on our Developer Network landing page. You will be able to browse for developers with skills that match your project needs. Once you find some good candidates, you can reach out directly. Adding key details when you first reach out will help developers to understand whether they can take on the project, and will speed up the time to get a response. Consider including the following details on your first message such as:

  • Project title and description
  • Approximate deadline
  • Approximate budget
  • Contact information
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (if required)

If there's a match, you will hear back from the developers themselves and the process will continue between you and the developer.

Ask the Mapbox community on Stack Overflow

Mapbox uses Stack Overflow, a programming forum where users can ask and answer technical questions, to field implementation issues Mapbox developers run into while developing and maintaining their applications. These questions and answers persist online to be discovered by future Mapbox developers.

Before posting a new question, search to see if someone has already asked a similar question. When you post, include appropriate tags and as much detail as possible, including code snippets, images, and environment details.


Stack Overflow uses tags to categorize questions. Mapbox's products fall under several tags, so be sure to choose an appropriate tag for your post. The following are some often used Mapbox tags on Stack Overflow.

Subscribe to a paid Mapbox Support Plan

Mapbox offers paid support plans that allow access to a wide range of 1:1 help from our Technical Support team. Depending on the support plan you choose, our team of experts will be able to help provide guidance on proper API usage, explain how different APIs or workflows could be used to achieve your expected results, and provide recommendations on how to optimize your solution's architecture.

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