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How area is calculated for Mapbox Tiling Service and the Uploads API

When you upload a tileset using Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS) or the Uploads API, Mapbox charges for the area of the tiles that contain features from that tileset, at the specified precision level. There is usually only one precision level per tileset unless it is a multi-layer tileset created using MTS.

For each precision level, area is always calculated at one zoom level:

Tileset maxzoomPrecisionZoom level at which area is calculated

The following example tiles a GeoJSON file that contains the rough outline of California. The area is being calculated at two precision levels: 10 meter and 1 meter.

10 meter precision: The area for 10 meter precision ( maxzoom 6-10) is calculated at zoom 6. The tiles at zoom 6 are large, so the area per tile is also large, but there are few tiles that contain features from the original GeoJSON (the outline of California) at this precision.

1 meter precision: The area for 1 meter precision ( maxzoom 11-13) is calculated at zoom 11. At this precision, the number of tiles that contain features from the original dataset increase exponentially (each zoom level contains four times as many tiles as the previous zoom level), but the area per individual tile also decreases substantially:

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