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Public Beta
Style components in Mapbox Studio are now available in public beta for every user. To start building, log in to Studio or sign up for an account to start making your first map.

In Mapbox Studio, a style component (sometimes referred to as a "component") is a collection of related map features that you style as a single unit. Road network and Administrative boundaries are examples of components. Each component can contain one or more style layers.

You can style map features using component properties. A component property is one of a few available options for styling a single component. A single component property can control multiple layer properties across several layers.

Values for component properties are often defined using a toggle (on or off), a dropdown menu with a few options, or a slider with several options along a scale. Label density is an example of a component property for the Natural labels component. It controls several layer properties across several layers including waterway-label, natural-line-label, natural-point-label, water-line-label, and water-point-label.

Component properties are not directly related to the Mapbox Style Specification and cannot be edited outside Mapbox Studio (at runtime).

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