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Static Tiles API

The Mapbox Static Tiles API serves raster tiles generated from a Mapbox GL-based style. The Static Tiles API is typically used to request a series of tiles to make a Mapbox.js, Leaflet, or other raster-based slippy map.

A sample Static Tiles API request looks like:

The Static Tiles API has optional parameters that can be used to refine the results of a request.

If you are using a Mapbox GL map style (using a style URL) via L.mapbox.styleLayer, you are requesting map tiles from the Static Tiles API, which takes GL-based styles and renders raster tiles. The example below uses a GL-based style, mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v12, with Mapbox.js.'map')
  .setView([38.8929, -77.0252], 14)

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