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Why does the map in my application not reflect my most up-to-date data or styling?

When you make changes to your map style or update the data used in a tileset, the data will be cached on both the CDN and the device. Caching can present itself in a few different ways, such as the following:

  • you update a tileset used in your map style, and the data updates are not reflected on the map
  • you update your map style and publish it, and these styling changes are not reflected on the map
  • you update either a tileset or your map style, and notice that some areas of the map contain the updates while others are unchanged

These different scenarios should resolve themselves once the cache expires on the CDN and/or on your device. You can take a look at our Maps APIs Caching troubleshooting guide for more information about how long it will take for changes to be reflected in your map, and suggestions for clearing the cache.

If the changes to your map style are still not reflected in your application after 12 hours, make sure that you have published your style. Or, check your browser console for any errors that may point to a separate issue.

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