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What type of attribution is required?

Mapbox requires two types of attribution for its maps: a logo and text attribution.

Mapbox Logo - the Mapbox logo is a small image containing the stylized word "Mapbox". It typically resides in the bottom left corner of a map. While you may move the logo to a different corner of the map, Mapbox requires the logo to appear on their maps for proper credit. You may not alter the Mapbox logo.

Text Attribution - the text attribution contains at least three links: © Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap and Improve this map. You must properly attribute and link Mapbox and OpenStreetMap when using the Mapbox Streets tileset. Some other Mapbox-provided tilesets require additional attribution, which is stored in the TileJSON of the tileset. If you are using Mapbox software to render a map based entirely on data from a non-Mapbox source, you may omit the text attribution but must still display the Mapbox logo.

When using Mapbox services off of a Mapbox map, you are responsible for providing the correct attribution for the Mapbox services that you use. This attribution must be displayed prominently next to the Mapbox service that you are using.

For maps that use the Mapbox Maps SDK for Unity, you must include the Mapbox wordmark and attribution notice. You may adjust the position of the Mapbox wordmark and attribution notice, but they must stay visible on the map. You may also change the background and text color of the attribution notice to match your design aesthetics, but all information must be legible.

For more information, you can refer to the Mapbox attribution guide.

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