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What statistics are available for my Mapbox account?

Your Mapbox account's Statistics page provides usage information for all billable products found on the pricing page. You can access the Statistics page by logging into your account and navigating to

The Statistics page provides insight into an account's usage data for the billable products listed on the pricing page. Information about API rate limits, API performance, and HTTP status codes of requests to the Mapbox APIs are not displayed on the Statistics page.

You can filter the Mapbox usage data on your Statistics page in two ways:

  • By date: Choose a standard period (such as week or month) or enter a custom date range. All dates are in UTC (Greenwich Mean Time). Usage data will be available on the Statistics page within 24 hours.
  • By access token: See usage for all access tokens or one specific, active access token. Legacy SDKs for Mobile statistics are not available when filtering by access token. To see Legacy SDKs for Mobile statistics, filter by All tokens and connected apps.

Your account usage is organized by product on your Statistics page. For each product, you'll see the number of metered units for the token and time period selected. You will only see statistics for the products you’ve used within the specified time period and with the specified token.

For many products, you can load additional metrics about the CountriesBrowsersDomains, and Tileset IDs associated with your requests. These additional metrics are presented as percentages of the total number of metered units for the specified time period and token. Additional metrics are not available for products that are metered by user count (such as Maps SDK for Mobile). They are also not available for time periods exceeding 31 days.

Note that when an access token is deleted, it is not possible to isolate statistics for a token after it has been deleted. Deleted tokens do not show up in the drop-down filter list, rather, usage data tied to a token before and after its deletion will be aggregated in the All tokens and connected apps view.

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