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Mapbox Developers Discord

Whether you're a seasoned Mapbox Developer or completely new to Mapbox tools, the Mapbox Developers Discord Community is the place to connect with other Mapbox users. The Mapbox Developers Discord enables users to get help from other Mapbox developers and professionals, as well as being a community to share interesting projects.

Join the Mapbox Developers Discord


The Mapbox Developers Discord Community is an inclusive community and has Community Guidelines about behavior towards other users that must be agreed to before posting. The guidelines are in the #rules channel, and will automatically appear immediately after joining. An abbreviated version of the rules is below.

  • Post questions in the correct channel.
  • Be respectful.
  • No inappropriate language or threats.
  • No adult or NSFW material.
  • No advertisements.
  • No spamming.
  • Follow the Discord Community Guidelines.


The Mapbox Developers Discord is organized into several channels. Popular channels include:

It is important that questions and other service-specific messages are posted in the most relevant channel. For example, a question about an error with an iOS SDK should go in #ios. Although general questions may be posted in #general, the vast majority of troubleshooting questions are posted in service-specific channels.

Asking a good question

Well-formed questions are more likely to be answered by users of the Discord server than poorly-formed questions. Good questions are generally posted in the correct channel and include a thorough description of the development environment, copies of any error text, and screenshots. Before posting, think about how a Discord user without the context of your project will understand your question.

To get started, examples of good questions are listed below.

This question names the API the developer is asking about, Static Images. It also includes a clear question and an example of an API request that has been tried.

This question is clear and includes a screenshot which reveals the user's development environment, Mapbox Studio.

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