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I am experiencing a crash on the Android platform when using the Search SDK with Maps SDK or Navigation SDK. What could be the cause and how can I resolve it?

The crash is likely due to inconsistencies in the versions of the Common SDK used by the different Mapbox SDKs you have implemented in your app. All the SDKs – Search, Maps, and Navigation – must be using the same versions of the Common SDK to support compatibility, as noted in the Search SDK installation guide.

Here’s how you can address the issue:

1. Check Common SDK Versions:

a. Identify the Common SDK version that each of the Mapbox SDKs (Search, Maps, and Navigation) is using in your current setup. Find this information in the corresponding release notes on GitHub for the Search SDK, Maps SDK, and Navigation SDK.

b. Compare these versions to determine whether the SDKs are utilizing the same version of the Common SDK. If you find discrepancies, try the next step.

2. Update SDK Versions:

a. Based on the comparison, identify and select compatible versions of the Search, Maps, and Navigation SDKs that use the same Common SDK version.

b. Update the implementation in your build file with the compatible versions.
For example:

implementation implementation com.mapbox.maps:android:10.14.0

3. Test Your App:

a. After updating the SDK versions, thoroughly test your Android app to make sure that the crash is resolved and that the SDK functionalities are working as expected.

If you continue to experience issues, provide detailed information, including SDK versions, crash logs, and any relevant context, and reach out to Mapbox Support for further help.

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