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How does Pay-as-you-go billing work?

Mapbox's Pay-as-you-go billing works as follows:

  1. Free Tier: All customers with Pay-as-you-go billing receive a monthly free tier of services that resets on the first day of the account's monthly billing period. We send an email notification to the account's email address the first time a free tier is exceeded during each billing period.
  2. Invoicing: Every month, a new invoice is generated on the first day of a new billing period. This upcoming invoice is generated even if an account has not yet incurred overages for that billing period. Usage data is reflected on the upcoming invoice within 24 hours, and charges are always in USD. Invoices are finalized on the last day of the account's billing period. When your invoice is finalized, your payment method on file is automatically charged. If the charge fails, the account will be at risk of deactivation and service interruptions.
  1. Billing Period: The invoices page provides insight into an account's monthly billing period. Billing periods start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. The account's billing period will be shortened during the first month of account creation or account reactivation.

  2. Automatic Payments: The default payment setting for all customers is automatic payments. With automatic payments, the account's credit card on file (or prepaid credit) will be automatically charged when the Upcoming invoice is finalized.

  3. Monthly Invoicing: With Monthly Invoicing, the account's invoice is not automatically charged to a credit card on file. Instead, an invoice is emailed to the account's billing email address. Monthly Invoicing is not available for all customers.

Note that accounts may enter a deactivated state if invoices are not paid, so we do recommend adding a credit card for recurring charges or a lump sum of prepaid credit that can be used for invoices - especially if you're using Mapbox in production - to avoid any service outages.

For a general overview of how Pay-as-you-go billing works, you can reference the What to Expect guide and the Billing emails documentation.

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