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Mapbox Traffic Data

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    Data for typical and live traffic speeds
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    Raw building blocks for routing analysis
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    Use data to power custom routing engines
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    Use data for traffic analysis and simulation
Traffic Data access
Access to Mapbox Traffic Data requires a Traffic Data license. Contact Mapbox sales for more information.

Mapbox Traffic Data is a dataset of estimated road speeds. Traffic Data includes Typical speeds, which are the expected traffic conditions throughout the week. Traffic Data also includes Live speeds, which are speeds that have been directly observed in the last 15 minutes. Traffic Data speed predictions are calculated using the 300 million miles of de-identified location data collected daily from mobile devices running Mapbox-powered apps.

Mapbox Traffic Data contains the same data used to power the Mapbox Directions API's driving-traffic profile. Test it out in the Mapbox GL JS Display driving directions example. The same data is also used to display live traffic on maps using the Mapbox Traffic vector tileset.

With Mapbox Traffic Data, you get access to the raw building blocks for use in your custom routing analysis. There are two main use cases for Mapbox Traffic Data:

  • Powering custom routing engines: Mapbox Traffic Data can integrate with routing engines to generate traffic-aware ETAs and find the most efficient routes around traffic.
  • Traffic analysis and simulation: Mapbox Traffic Data can be used for urban planning, route planning at scale, supply and demand analysis, and other use cases that require the analysis of raw traffic data or the simulation of billions of potential routes.
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