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Mapbox Satellite

This tileset reference document includes information to help you use the data in the Mapbox Satellite tileset.


Mapbox Satellite is a Mapbox-provided raster tileset that includes a global basemap of high resolution satellite and aerial imagery. The tileset contains one complete composite imagery layer with color-corrected imagery that is optimized for a balance between recency and aesthetic quality.

This Mapbox Satellite tileset is the raster data source for the Mapbox-owned styles Mapbox Satellite and Mapbox Satellite Streets.

To learn more about Mapbox imagery, read the Imagery and raster data guide.

Data sources

Mapbox Satellite imagery comes from a variety of sources, including commercial providers and open data from NASA, USGS, and others. The raw imagery is color-corrected to look realistic and blended together into a single raster tileset.

Data sources differ depending on zoom level and geographic availability.

  • Zoom levels 0 – 8 use de-clouded data from NASA MODIS satellites.
  • Zoom levels 9 – 12 use primarily Maxar satellite imagery and NASA/USGS Landsat 5 & 7 imagery in limited locations.
  • Zoom levels 13+ use a combination of open and proprietary sources, including Maxar's Vivid product for most of the world, Nearmap aerial imagery over US cities, and open aerial imagery from Denmark, France, Germany and other regions.

Clockwise from top left: MODIS, Landsat, Maxar satellite, Nearmap aerial

Data updates

Imagery is not improved on a set schedule and is updated when and where it becomes available.


When using this tileset publicly in a design or application you must provide proper attribution.

Layer Reference

This tileset includes global coverage to zoom 16 (1–2 m resolution), regional coverage to zoom 18 (0.6–0.3 m resolution), and select coverage to zoom 21+ (7.5 cm+).

  • One composite layer with global imagery and metadata.
  • A base of 50 cm imagery for the world (excluding Antarctica and Greenland).
  • Higher resolution imagery in certain areas in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Use this imagery

There are several ways you can use Mapbox Satellite in your projects:


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