open override fun resolveFont(    fontFamily: String?,     fontWeight: Int,     fontStyle: String?): Typeface?

Called by renderer to resolve font references in elements.



Font family as specified in a font-family attribute of css.


Font weight as specified in a font-weight attribute of css.


Font style as specified in a font-style attribute of css.

As per css stylesheet associated as well as the font files supported by the provider data-set, it supports the following values for font-weight and font-style

font-weight | NORMAL: 400 | BOLD: 700


font-style | NORMAL | ITALIC | OBLIQUE


Filename should be in the format: $font-family-$font-style$font-weight

For example for the given input:

font-family | font-style | font-weight | fileName


SignText | Normal | Bold | SignText-Bold.ttf SignText | Italic | Normal | SignText-Italic.ttf SignText | Italic | Bold | SignText-ItalicBold.ttf SignText | Normal | Normal | SignText.ttf

Looking above it's understood that whenever style or weight value is normal it's represented by empty string