Package com.mapbox.navigation.ui.maps.guidance.signboard.api


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open class MapboxExternalFileResolver(assetManager: AssetManager) : SVGExternalFileResolver

Mapbox implementation of the SVGExternalFileResolver to better support font resolution.

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class MapboxSignboardApi @JvmOverloads constructor(    accessToken: String,     parser: SvgToBitmapParser,     options: MapboxSignboardOptions = MapboxSignboardOptions.Builder().build())

Mapbox Signboard Api allows you to generate signboard for select maneuvers. By default uses the MapboxExternalFileResolver. Check out MapboxExternalFileResolver.resolveFont to know how css style's fonts are treated

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class MapboxSvgToBitmapParser(externalFileResolver: SVGExternalFileResolver) : SvgToBitmapParser

Implementation of SvgToBitmapParser that provides a method allowing to convert SVG ByteArray to Bitmap

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fun interface SvgToBitmapParser

An interface that exposes a function to allow the conversion of svg in a raw ByteArray format to Expected format that either holds a Bitmap if the conversion is successful or an error if it is not.