fun generate(voiceInstruction: VoiceInstructions, consumer: MapboxNavigationConsumer<Expected<SpeechError, SpeechValue>>)

Given VoiceInstructions the method will try to generate the voice instruction SpeechAnnouncement including the synthesized speech mp3 file from Mapbox's API Voice. NOTE: this method will try downloading an mp3 file from server. If you use voice instructions predownloading (see VoiceInstructionsPrefetcher), invoke generatePredownloaded instead of this method in your VoiceInstructionsObserver.

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VoiceInstructions object representing VoiceInstructions


is a SpeechValue including the announcement to be played when the announcement is ready or a SpeechError including the error information and a fallback with the raw announcement (without file) that can be played with a text-to-speech engine.