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Road events

Navigation SDK UX Framework exposes the DashRoadInfoEvent class to observe road data like lanes, directions, categories, etc. and speed limits.

class DashRoadInfoEvent internal constructor(
val roadInfo: DashRoadInfo?,
val speedLimit: DashSpeedLimit,

DashRoadInfo contains the road description while driving.

class DashRoadInfo internal constructor(
val countryCodeIso2: String?,
val drivingSide: DashDrivingSide,
val isOneWay: Boolean,
val laneCount: Byte,
@DashRoadClass.Type val roadClass: String?,
  • countryCodeIso2 - the country code (ISO-2 format) of the road.
  • drivingSide - right-hand (DashDrivingSide.DRIVING_SIDE_RIGHT) or left-hand (DashDrivingSide.DRIVING_SIDE_LEFT) traffic type.
  • isOneWay - true if current road is one-way, otherwise false.
  • laneCount - the number of lanes on the road.
  • roadClass - classify road using DashRoadClass.

DashSpeedLimit represents the current speed limit on the road.

class DashSpeedLimit internal constructor(
val speedLimitValue: Int?,
val speedUnit: DashSpeedLimitUnit,
  • speedLimitValue - the value of the speed limit, otherwise null
  • speedUnit - DashSpeedLimitUnit.MILES_PER_HOUR or DashSpeedLimitUnit.KM_PER_HOUR

The host application can observe the road info events through the Dash.controller instance.

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

lifecycleScope.launch {
repeatOnLifecycle(Lifecycle.State.STARTED) {
.collect { /* DashRoadInfoEvent */ event ->
// Do something with the DashRoadInfoEvent

fun processRoadInfoEvents(event: DashRoadInfoEvent) {
"Showing road info: $event ",
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