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Navigation SDK UX Framework

Current version: v1.0.0-beta.30

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    Pre-built navigation experience ready to integrate into your Android application
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    Functional and visual customization
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    Mobile and Automotive use cases supported
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    Customizable pre-built map styles
Public Preview for Mapbox Navigation SDK UX Framework
Mapbox Navigation SDK UX Framework is in Public Preview. During this phase, it may be subject to potential changes as they features and API surfaces stabilize.

The UX Framework is a set of libraries for embedding a complete navigation experience within Android applications. The UX Framework provides pre-built and customizable UI/UX, which covers a full set of navigation scenarios, starting with map exploration and search scenarios going to active guidance along the route.

What you get out of the box:

  • integrated search experience provided by Mapbox.
  • pre-built comprehensive core navigation scenarios including default assets, such as color schemes, fonts, and text assets you can customize or replace with your brand ones.
  • integrated advanced features, such as fuel prices, weather, AI voice assistant, and more.
  • pre-built map styles (including regular style, traffic style, 3D, and satellite).
  • the ability to add fully customized styles to match your branding and design requirements.

Integration APIs

Conceptually, the Navigation UX Framework is composed of two major parts:

1. Pre-built Core Navigation Experience & Advanced User Features. These are thoughtfully designed by Mapbox to deliver the best possible navigation experience, powered by our navigation services and SDKs.

2. Integration API Suite. The UX Framework offers users a wide range of options for integration, customization, and extension of the existing navigation experience. The APIs are categorized into three main subsets - Configuration, Events, and Coordination.

  • Configuration API allows you to configure look-and-feel of the experience the UX Framework provides, and turn off and on particular features on the screen.

  • Events API allows you to listen to events produced by the UX Framework to power up your scenarios, which may require tight integration with the navigation states.

  • Coordination API allows you to manipulate the navigation state encapsulated in the UX Framework, making integrating your services and scenarios with the pre-built navigation experience easy.

API reference

The Mapbox Navigation SDK UX Framework gives you all the tools you need to add turn-by-turn navigation to your application.

Check the API reference of the UX Framework.

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