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Destination management

Navigation SDK UX Framework provides users the ability to control portions of the user experience and state with help of the below functions:

  • Set a destination. This method allows user to send a destination point to the UX Framework instance. Depends on the current application state it allows either to build a route to a new destination point or add a way point to the active route
  • Cancel Active Navigation. This method allows users to stop active navigation session.

Following methods will help you to set a destination to the UX Framework and cancel navigation when it’s necessary in your app:

Set a destination: Dash.controller.setDestination(destination)

Cancel Active Guidance: Dash.controller.stopNavigation()

Take control of your navigation experience without any UI constraints.

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

fun setNewDestination(destination: DashDestination) {

fun stopNavigation() {
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