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Text assets localization

Text assets are an essential component of any application. They help users understand the function of a specific button or explain the cause of an error within the application. Our UX Framework provides access to all string IDs, enabling users to tailor them to their business requirements. To being able to override existing texts with new ones, we now offer the option to add new texts for localization, enhancing the multilingual support capabilities of your application.

String IDs

All available string IDs that can be overridden in your app.


Imagine your app is going to scale to a new region. To address this, we are looking to incorporate German language support into our application, aiming to expand our multilingual offerings and better cater to our German-speaking users.

Begin by creating a new folder for the German localization in your project within the res directory. Name the folder values-de for German translations (or values-de-rDE if specifying Germany specifically). Once this folder is established, create a strings.xml file within it. In this file input the keys and translations necessary for the German version of your application in xml format as seen in the code snippet below. See String ID's for the full reference of available strings.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="dash_category_charging">Laden</string>
<string name="dash_category_coffee">Kaffee</string>
<string name="dash_category_favorites">Favoriten</string>
<string name="dash_category_food">Essen</string>
<string name="dash_category_fuel">Treibstoff</string>
<!-- ... -->
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