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Destination preview

Navigation SDK UX Framework comes with the predefined user flow for looking of the route to the destination: show destination location on the map, route preview, starting turn-by-turn navigation. It is possible to customize that flow.

To skip a destination preview step and provide a route preview without user interaction use the following configuration options depends on what user flow you want to change:

applicationContext = applicationContext,
accessToken = getString(R.string.mapbox_access_token)
) {
destinationPreview {
categoriesSearchSkipDesignationPreview = true
searchSkipDesignationPreview = true
favoritesAndSavedSkipDesignationPreview = true
historySkipDesignationPreview = true

You can also update the preference at any point in the runtime:

Dash.applyUpdate {
destinationPreview {
categoriesSearchSkipDesignationPreview = false
searchSkipDesignationPreview = false
favoritesAndSavedSkipDesignationPreview = false
historySkipDesignationPreview = false
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