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Text assets customization

Text assets are an integral part of any application. They allow the user to understand what a specific button means or explain why an error occurred in the application. The UX Framework exposes all string IDs to let users override them on their business needs. In that case, you can override the existing texts with new ones.

String IDs

All available string IDs that can be overridden in your app.


Let’s say your UX team realized that the default label on the navigation button doesn't suit your needs.

And you would like to make it more call to action: Let’s Go! instead of boring Navigate. To get this done you need to do two steps:

  • Find the string id for the navigation button in the table above. In our case, it would be dash_destination_card_start_navigation.
  • Assign a new text, “Let’s Go!”, to it. \
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="dash_destination_card_start_navigation">Let\'s Go!</string>

That’s it.

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