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Building highlights

The Mapbox Navigation SDK provides logic to highlight a particular building footprint or extrude a footprint as a 3D building shape. You can use this functionality to enhance the navigation experience for your users by visually highlighting your user's stop or final destination. For example, a package delivery driver might want to see the exact building that's associated with a delivery address.

Use the default building UI component

The buildings UI component consists of two main classes:

  • The MapboxBuildingsApi has methods for retrieving the building you'd like to highlight in the form of a QueriedRenderedFeature.

  • The MapboxBuildingView handles consuming the data produced by the MapboxBuildingsApi and rendering the results on the map.

Compatibility with Mapbox Standard Style
The classes responsible for building highlighting are not compatible with the Mapbox Standard Style yet. Support will be added in future releases.

Point types

It's important to understand the difference between location point and routable point to make use of the buildings API:

  • location point: A point where the actual building is.
  • routable point: A point on a road snapped from the address.

Create an instance of MapboxBuildingsApi

Instantiate MapboxBuildingsApi in your Activity or Fragment.

private val buildingsApi: MapboxBuildingsApi by lazy {

Then you can get the building you'd like to highlight. MapboxBuildingsApi exposes three different methods that returns you one or more building(s):

  • queryBuildingToHighlight: This API takes Point as an argument and returns a list of building(s) as QueriedFeature. If the point passed is not a location point, the list returned will be empty.
  • queryBuildingOnWaypoint: This API takes RouteProgress as an argument and returns a list of building(s) as QueriedFeature. If RouteProgress doesn't contain a location point, the list returned will be empty.
  • queryBuildingOnFinalDestination: This API takes RouteProgress as an argument and returns a list of building(s) as QueriedFeature. If RouteProgress doesn't contain a location point, the list returned will be empty.

Use location point in route request

When requesting a single- or multi-stop route, the simplest way is to invoke request route with your already-instantiated MapboxNavigation object. But, if you want to highlight buildings, you should use RouteOptions#waypointTargetsList.

In the snippet below, coordinatesList holds a list of three routable points that the Navigation SDK uses to navigate to your destination, and the waypointTargetsList holds a list of three location points that the SDK uses to return a list of buildings in the form of QueriedRenderedFeature.

val routeOptions = RouteOptions.builder()
Point.fromLngLat(-122.4192, 37.7627), // origin
Point.fromLngLat(-122.4182, 37.7651), // waypoint destination
Point.fromLngLat(-122.4145, 37.7653) // final destination
Point.fromLngLat(-122.4192, 37.7627), // origin
Point.fromLngLat(-122.4183, 37.7653), // waypoint destination
Point.fromLngLat(-122.4146, 37.7655) // final destination
Highlight buildings without waypointTargetsList
It is possible to highlight buildings without using waypointTargetsList, but you must use location points instead of routable points in coordinateList. If you use routable points, the SDK will query the snapped location on the road and will not return any building(s).

Query buildings on arrival

Now that you have passed in location points and have your instance of MapboxBuildingsApi ready, you can use one or more of the query-related methods to query buildings.

To use building highlighting to visually emphasize the location of stops along a route or a final destination, you'll need to know when the user has arrived at a waypoint or destination. You can listen for arrival events using ArrivalObserver. Read more about how ArrivalObserver works in the Arrival detection guide.

To query the building upon reaching a waypoint, use ArrivalObserver's onWaypointArrival and MapboxBuildingsApi's queryBuildingOnWaypoint.

val arrivalObserver = object : ArrivalObserver {
override fun onWaypointArrival(routeProgress: RouteProgress) {
buildingsApi.queryBuildingOnWaypoint(routeProgress, callback)


To query the building upon reaching the final destination, add onFinalDestinationArrival to ArrivalObserver and then use MapboxBuildingsApi's queryBuildingOnFinalDestination.

override fun onFinalDestinationArrival(routeProgress: RouteProgress) {
buildingsApi.queryBuildingOnFinalDestination(routeProgress, callback)

The callback for both query methods can either be BuildingError containing an error message or BuildingValue containing a list of buildings in the form of QueriedRenderedFeature.

private val callback =
MapboxNavigationConsumer<Expected<BuildingError, BuildingValue>> { expected ->
// handle errors
{ value ->
// highlight the building using `MapboxBuildingView`

Don't forget to cancel any potential in-flight MapboxBuildingsApi requests in onStop or onDestroy:

override fun onDestroy() {

Highlight buildings

Now that you have queried your buildings, you can highlight them by creating an instance of MapboxBuildingView.

private val buildingView = MapboxBuildingView()

Inside the callback you have defined above get the map style and highlight buildings.

{ value ->
mapboxMap.getStyle { style ->
buildingView.highlightBuilding(style, value.buildings)

After you have reached the waypoint and highlighted the building, you can clear the building highlight before starting the next leg.

override fun onNextRouteLegStart(routeLegProgress: RouteLegProgress) {
mapboxMap.getStyle { style ->
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