Active guidance

Active guidance includes a single screen called ActiveGuidanceScreen, but is built of many components. If you are looking to build your own turn-by-turn experience, feel free to use any of the building blocks. Also, feel free to request changes.

  • CarActiveGuidanceCarContext contains services needed to show lanes, ETA, and distances
  • CarNavigationInfoObserver creates NavigationInfo from the Mapbox Directions API
  • MapboxActionProvider allows you to customize the Action buttons shown
  • PlacesListOnMapLayerUtil allows you to design your own place markers
  • CarSpeedLimitRenderer shows the speed limit
  • CarRouteLine shows the route line
  • RoadLabelSurfaceLayer shows the current road

A feedback button is available on this Screen. The CarGridFeedbackScreen will allow users to notify Mapbox and you, of a route that may be unsatisfactory.