val inActiveRouteLegsColor: Int



the color used for route legs that aren't currently being navigated.

The congestion range is to be used if when making a route request you use DirectionCriteria.ANNOTATION_CONGESTION_NUMERIC annotation. The congestion values obtained with this annotation in the route response would be in the range 0..100, 0 being the minimum and 100 being the maximum congestion values. Unknown congestion values will be represented as nullRouteLineColorResources defines 4 ranges:

  • lowCongestionRange: default value spans from 0..39

  • moderateCongestionRange: default value spans from 40..59

  • heavyCongestionRange: default value spans from 60..79

  • severeCongestionRange: default value spans from 80..100 You can specify your own ranges for all of the above using the RouteLineColorResources.Builder. If the ranges overlap, the would fail and throw IllegalStateException. You also need to make sure that all values from 0..100 are covered using these four ranges, else any missing number would be treated as unknown congestion. For ex, if you define the range as follows:

  • lowCongestionRange: 0..39

  • moderateCongestionRange: 50..59

  • heavyCongestionRange: 60..79

  • severeCongestionRange: 80..100 If the route response contains a congestion number 45, it would be treated as unknown because it doesn't exist in any of the ranges specified.