var followingPadding: EdgeInsets

Holds a padding (in pixels, in reference to the MapView's size) used for generating a following frame.

When following frame is used, the first point of the framed geometry list will be placed at the bottom edge of this padding, centered horizontally. This typically refers to the user's location provided via onLocationChanged, if available. This can be influenced by FollowingFrameOptions.maximizeViewableGeometryWhenPitchZero when there are at least 2 points available for framing.

The frame will contain the remaining portion of the current LegStep of the route provided via onRouteChanged based on onRouteProgressChanged.

If the RouteProgress is not available, the frame will focus on the location sample from onLocationChanged with FollowingFrameOptions.maxZoom zoom and FollowingFrameOptions.defaultPitch.

You can use followingZoomPropertyOverride and followingPitchPropertyOverride to control the camera in scenarios like free drive where the maneuver points are not available.