Mapbox Traffic v1

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This vector tileset reference document includes information to help you style the data in the Mapbox Traffic v1 tileset.


The Mapbox Traffic v1 tileset provides constantly updating congestion information on top of Mapbox Streets road geometries.

You must display proper attribution in styles or software that use Mapbox Traffic vector tiles.

Line offsets

Mapbox Traffic can be used to display congestion for both directions on two way roads. When styling congestion, it's recommended that you add a positive line-offset to the layer to visually separate the directions of travel.

In regions that use left-hand traffic, road directions are reversed to allow for consistent line-offset styling of all roads.

Data updates

Mapbox Traffic receives two different types of data updates:

  • Traffic speeds and densities: used to derive congestion, updated approximately every 8 minutes
  • Road geometries: based on OpenStreetMap, periodically updated

Layer Reference


buffer: 4


The main field used for styling traffic layers is class.

motorwayHigh-speed, grade-separated highways
motorway_linkInterchanges / on & off ramps
trunkImportant roads that are not motorways.
trunk_linkRamps and physically separated at-grade turning lanes connecting trunks to other roads.
primaryA major highway linking large towns.
primary_linkRamps and physically separated at-grade turning lanes connecting primary roads to other roads.
secondaryA highway linking large towns.
tertiaryA road linking small settlements, or the local centres of a large town or city.
linkSecondary and tertiary link roads
streetStandard unclassified, residential, road, and living_street road types
serviceAccess roads, alleys, agricultural tracks, and other services roads. Also includes parking lot aisles, public & private driveways.


The structure field describes the grade of a road. Bridges and tunnels are not distinct from surface roads until zoom level 13.

bridgeRoads that lead over a bridge.
tunnelRoads that run underground.
no valueSurface roads and fords.


The congestion field is a measure of the relative slowdown a road segment is experiencing.


Road Closures

The closed field marks roads that are closed.

yesRoads that are closed.
no valueRoads that are open.