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Use the Mapbox Studio style editor to design a map to your exact specifications.

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What is a style?

A style is a JSON document that conforms to the Mapbox Style Specification. The style specification is designed especially for Mapbox GL JS (browser) and the Mapbox mobile SDKs (mobile) to read and understand so your map can be rendered on the page. The style controls almost everything about the map.

The Mapbox Styles API powers your ability to change the fonts, colors, and icons on a map style through the visual interface of Mapbox Studio. The Mapbox Styles API is an integral part of our cartography software and is used across several Mapbox tools.

The style editor

The Mapbox Studio style editor is a visual interface for creating styles. Each layer you add to the style in the Mapbox Studio style editor is added to this JSON object via the Styles API when you save, and is then passed to the browser or device when the map is requested. Once created, you can keep your style hosted with Mapbox to serve to your map or you can download the JSON object as a document.


You can also use Cartogram, a drag-and-drop tool, to create a custom map in seconds. Upload a picture, select the colors you want, and get a map that fits your brand and style, ready to be used in your website or mobile application, or edited in Mapbox Studio.

Template styles

There are several Mapbox-designed map styles that can either be used directly in your web or mobile application or be used as a starting point for creating a new custom style in Mapbox Studio.

For more information about other template styles, see the Maps page.

a preview of all template map styles

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