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  • Contour data: The contour data used in this example comes from the mapbox-terrain-v2 tileset. The contour source layer contains the geometry for each contour line and two properties: index and ele. The ele property is the elevation in meters. Read more about the Mapbox Terrain tileset in the vector tile reference documentation.
  • Two-layer approach: This example uses two different layers from the same data source: a line layer called contour and a symbol layer called contour-label.

    • The line layer, contour, was added by adding a new layer and specifying the contour source layer from the Mapbox Terrain tileset as the source and creating a line layer. The contour layer uses the default styling for line layers.
    • The symbol layer, contour-label, was added by duplicating the contour line layer and changing the type of layer from line to symbol.
  • Using formulas: The Text field for the contour-label layer uses a formula to calculate and display elevation in both meters and feet from the ele data property. Open the contour-label layer to see how the formula works.

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