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Create a map with atmosphere

  • This is a modified version of the Streets template style.

  • The data used in this example comes from the mapbox-streets-v8 tileset.

  • In Studio, atmosphere is added to the style by enabling atmosphere from the 3D tab.

About this style

  • Atmosphere properties: Customize atmopshere by modifying the space color, high and low atmosphere colors, star intensity, and horizon blend. Learn more in the Mapbox Style Specification for fog.
  • Zoom levels: Zoom expressions can be used to create realistic atmosphere at different zoom levels. This example uses a zoom expression to change star intensity at high and low zooms.
  • Adaptive projection: This example uses the globe projection. Learn more about projections in the style specification.
  • Atmosphere / Fog: Atmosphere is referred to as fog in the Mapbox GL JS style specification, and is supported for both globe and mercator projections.

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