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Represents a geographical point with a certain latitude and longitude.

var latlng = L.latLng(50.5, 30.5);

All Leaflet methods that accept LatLng objects also accept them in a simple Array form and simple object form (unless noted otherwise), so these lines are equivalent:

map.panTo([50, 30]);
map.panTo({lon: 30, lat: 50});
map.panTo({lat: 50, lng: 30});
map.panTo(L.latLng(50, 30));


Factory Description
L.latLng( <Number> latitude, <Number> longitude, <Number> altitude? ) Creates an object representing a geographical point with the given latitude and longitude (and optionally altitude).


Property Type Description
lat Number Latitude in degrees.
lng Number Longitude in degrees.


Method Returns Description
distanceTo( <LatLng> otherLatlng ) Number Returns the distance (in meters) to the given LatLng calculated using the Haversine formula. See description on wikipedia
equals( <LatLng> otherLatlng ) Boolean Returns true if the given LatLng point is at the same position (within a small margin of error).
toString() String Returns a string representation of the point (for debugging purposes).
wrap( <Number> left, <Number> right ) LatLng Returns a new LatLng object with the longitude wrapped around left and right boundaries (-180 to 180 by default).


Constant Type Value Description
DEG_TO_RAD Number Math.PI / 180 A multiplier for converting degrees into radians.
RAD_TO_DEG Number 180 / Math.PI A multiplier for converting radians into degrees.
MAX_MARGIN Number 1.0E-9 Max margin of error for the equality check.