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L.mapbox.map(element, id|url|tilejson, options)

Create and automatically configure a map with layers, markers, and interactivity.

Extends: L.Map

Options Value Description
element (required) string Must be the id of an element, or a DOM element reference.
id or url or tilejson string if id or url object if tilejson url can be
  • A map id string examples.map-foo
  • A comma separated list of map id strings examples.map-foo,examples.map-bar example
  • A URL to TileJSON, like https://api.mapbox.com/v3/mapbox.dark.json
  • A TileJSON object, from your own Javascript code
options object If provided, it is the same options as provided to L.Map with the following additions:


// map refers to a <div> element with the ID map
// mapbox.streets is the ID of a map on Mapbox.com
var map = L.mapbox.map('map', 'mapbox.streets');

// map refers to a <div> element with the ID map
// This map will have no layers initially
var map = L.mapbox.map('map');

Returns: a map object

Class: L.mapbox.Map


Returns this map's TileJSON object which determines its tile source, zoom bounds and other metadata.

Returns: the TileJSON object