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Represents a GeoJSON layer. Allows you to parse GeoJSON data and display it on the map. Extends FeatureGroup.

L.geoJson(data, {
	style: function (feature) {
return {color: feature.properties.color};
	onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {

Each feature layer created by it gets a feature property that links to the GeoJSON feature data the layer was created from (so that you can access its properties later).


Factory Description
L.geoJson( <Object> geojson?, <GeoJSON options> options? ) Creates a GeoJSON layer. Optionally accepts an object in GeoJSON format to display on the map (you can alternatively add it later with addData method) and an options object.


Option Description
pointToLayer( <GeoJSON> featureData, <LatLng> latlng ) Function that will be used for creating layers for GeoJSON points (if not specified, simple markers will be created).
style( <GeoJSON> featureData ) Function that will be used to get style options for vector layers created for GeoJSON features.
onEachFeature( <GeoJSON> featureData, <ILayer> layer ) Function that will be called on each created feature layer. Useful for attaching events and popups to features.
filter( <GeoJSON> featureData, <ILayer> layer ) Function that will be used to decide whether to show a feature or not.
coordsToLatLng( <Array> coords ) Function that will be used for converting GeoJSON coordinates to LatLng points (if not specified, coords will be assumed to be WGS84 — standard [longitude, latitude] values in degrees).

Additionally accepts all Path options for polylines and polygons.


Method Returns Description
addData( <GeoJSON> data ) this Adds a GeoJSON object to the layer.
setStyle( <Function> style ) this Changes styles of GeoJSON vector layers with the given style function.
resetStyle( <Path> layer ) this Resets the given vector layer's style to the original GeoJSON style, useful for resetting style after hover events.

Static methods

Method Returns Description
geometryToLayer( <GeoJSON> featureData, <Function> pointToLayer? ) ILayer Creates a layer from a given GeoJSON feature.
coordsToLatLng( <Array> coords, <Boolean> reverse? ) LatLng Creates a LatLng object from an array of 2 numbers (latitude, longitude) used in GeoJSON for points. If reverse is set to true, the numbers will be interpreted as (longitude, latitude).
coordsToLatLngs( <Array> coords, <Number> levelsDeep?, <Boolean> reverse? ) Array Creates a multidimensional array of LatLng objects from a GeoJSON coordinates array. levelsDeep specifies the nesting level (0 is for an array of points, 1 for an array of arrays of points, etc., 0 by default). If reverse is set to true, the numbers will be interpreted as (longitude, latitude).