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A class for making DOM elements draggable (including touch support). Used internally for map and marker dragging. Only works for elements that were positioned with DomUtil#setPosition

var draggable = new L.Draggable(elementToDrag);


Creation Description
new L.Draggable( <HTMLElement> element, <HTMLElement> dragHandle? ) Creates a Draggable object for moving the given element when you start dragging the dragHandle element (equals the element itself by default).


You can subscribe to the following events using these methods.

Event Data Description
dragstart Event Fired when the dragging starts.
predrag Event Fired continuously during dragging before each corresponding update of the element position.
drag Event Fired continuously during dragging.
dragend Event Fired when the dragging ends.


Method Returns Description
enable() - Enables the dragging ability.
disable() - Disables the dragging ability.