You are viewing an older version of Mapbox.js. Check out v3.3.1 for the latest.

L.mapbox.shareControl(id|url, options)

Adds a "Share" button to the map, which can be used to share the map to Twitter or Facebook, or generate HTML for a map embed.

Extends: L.Control

Options Value Description
id or url optional string Either a
  • id string
  • A URL to TileJSON, like If not supplied, the TileJSON from the map is used.
options object Options for L.Control Also accepts the following options:
  • url: the URL of a page to which the share control will link instead of the URL of the current page or that specified in TileJSON data.
  • accessToken: Mapbox API access token. Overrides L.mapbox.accessToken for this control.


var map ='map', '')
    .setView([37, -77], 5)

Returns: Returns a L.mapbox.shareControl object.