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Extends: L.Control

A map control that shows legends added to maps in Mapbox. Legends are auto-detected from active layers.

Options Value Description
options optional object An options object. Beyond the default options for map controls, this object has one special parameter: sanitizer: A function that accepts a string, and returns a sanitized result for HTML display. The default will remove dangerous script content, and is recommended.


var map = L.mapbox.map('map').setView([38, -77], 5);

Returns: a L.mapbox.legendControl object.

Class: L.mapbox.LegendControl


Adds a legend to the legendControl.

Options Value Description
legend required string A string which may contain HTML. It will be sanitized by the legendControl's sanitizer option.


Removes a legend from the legendControl.

Options Value Description
legend required string legend data to remove.