Mapbox Tiling Service

Points of interest

Points of Interest (POIs) must be visible and not overcrowded to allow users to quickly distinguish each point. They are likely going to be labels on a map or points or circles with labels. Here’s a recipe suitable for POI data at low to medium zooms.

"version": 1,
"layers": {
"my_points_layer": {
"source": "mapbox://tileset-source/{username}/pois",
"minzoom": 0,
"maxzoom": 10,
"tiles": {
"limit": [
[ "lowest_where_in_distance", true, 256, "name" ]
FieldDescriptionData type
sourceThe source data to use for this layer. Tileset sources are created with the Create a tileset source endpoint of Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS).String
minzoomSpecify the minimum zoom at which your tileset will be available.Integer
maxzoomSpecify the maximum zoom at which the tileset will be available. A value of 10 provides up to 10 meters of precision, which is enough for relative locations of features like POIs.Integer
tiles.limit.lowest_where_in_distanceThis property is used to keep the number of points in each tile to a minimum, which avoids having too many points for the POIs readable. 256 features per tile max.Array<Expression>

Example data

This example recipe is compatible with the NYC Points of Interest dataset available on

Download example POI data
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