Mapbox Tiling Service

Data reduction

"version": 1,
"layers": {
"dots": {
"source": "mapbox://tileset-source/{username}/high-density-points-data",
"minzoom": 0,
"maxzoom": 15,
"tiles": {
"limit": [
[ "lowest_where_in_distance", true, 50000, null ]
FieldDescriptionData type
sourceThe source data to use for this layer. Tileset sources are created with the Create a tileset source endpoint of Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS).String
minzoomSpecify the minimum zoom at which your tileset will be available. A value of 0 here ensures that dots will be visible at a global level.Integer
maxzoomSpecify the maximum zoom at which your tileset will be available. A value of 15 here allows users to zoom in and will show more points as they do so.Integer
tiles.limitA filter array that will keep up to 50,000 features in the tile while ensuring that the geographic density of the features is distributed evenly across the tiles.Array<Expression>
Feature limits in vector tiles

The theoretical maximum value for a vector tile of normal extent (non-configurable) is 16,777,216 point features. But a vector tile with this many features would hit the Mapbox Tiling Service's 500 KB size limit, and the job request would not complete successfully. To avoid hitting this limit, you either need to reduce the number of point features included in your tileset source or define more aggressive filters in your recipe.

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