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Pricing information for pre-0.6.0 versions

The pricing information on this page is for the Vision SDK for iOS versions 0.6.0 and higher, which are billed by Vision SDKs for mobile MAUs. For information on older version of the SDK, which are billed by Legacy SDKs for mobile MAUs, refer to our pricing by product page.

During the Vision SDK's public beta phase, you have immediate access to the Vision SDK with your free account.

Applications built with the Vision SDK for iOS v0.6.0 and higher are billed based on monthly active users (MAUs). The specific line item you will see on your invoice is _Vision SDKs for mobile MAUs*.

What is a Vision SDK MAU

Here's a breakdown of how monthly active users are counted by the Vision SDK:

How is the monthly period determined?

The month-long period aligns with your billing period, which is likely not aligned with calendar months. To see the billing period for your account, visit your Invoices page. Once a billing period ends, a new one starts and your MAU count resets to 0.

When is a user considered active?

A user of your application will be counted as a monthly active user as soon as they open an application that uses the Vision SDK by default.

How are unique users counted?

For Vision SDKs for mobile MAUs, a single monthly active user is a user of Mapbox vision services within your mobile app during your month-long billing period.

A single user is billed as one MAU across app upgrades as long as the app is not deleted. Deleting and re-installing an app that uses the Vision SDK would result in an additional MAU. This happens because the SDK does not store personally identifying information.

Which Mapbox services are included?

Each user of your mobile app can make unlimited requests to APIs in the vision service via the Vision SDKs for iOS. Usage of APIs and other Mapbox products outside the vision service are billed in addition to Vision SDK MAUs.

Cost per Vision SDK MAU

The Vision SDK has a free tier so you can start prototyping right away at no cost. To see the number of Vision SDKs MAUs included in the free tier and the cost per Vision SDKs MAU beyond the free tier, see our pricing page.

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