Vision AR for iOS

  • Render an augmented reality, turn-by-turn navigation route
  • Works with the device’s built-in camera
Mapbox Vision AR for iOS is currently in limited public beta.

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Mapbox Vision AR for iOS is a high-level framework that sits on top of the Mapbox Vision SDK for iOS. Vision AR manages the navigation route, retranslates it to the core library, and renders an AR navigation route on top of the live video stream from the device’s built-in camera.


Vision AR for iOS is written in Swift 4.1 and can be used with iOS 11.2 and higher on iPhone 7 or newer.

In addition to software and hardware requirements, use of Vision AR requires that the device is pointed with a view of the road. We strongly recommend using a dashboard or windshield mount to keep your phone correctly oriented while you drive. We have tested a few options and have seen positive results with these two mounts (option 1 and option 2).

Installation and setup

Vision AR is currently in limited public beta. Contact our team to request access and receive installation instructions.

Device setup

In addition to installing the framework, you will need to set up the device in the vehicle. Some things to consider when choosing and setting up a mount:

  • Generally, shorter length mounts will vibrate less. Mounting to your windshield or to the dashboard itself are both options.
  • Vision AR will do best with detections when the phone is near or behind where your rearview mirror is. However, note that your local jurisdiction may have limits on where mounts may be placed.
  • Make sure the phone’s camera view is unobstructed (you will be able to tell with any of the video screens open).

Integration with other tools

Vision AR is intended to be used with the Mapbox Navigation SDK. Vision AR sits on top of the Vision SDK for iOS and adjacent to the Mapbox Directions API and Mapbox Core Navigation.



While Vision AR is using the camera you must display the Mapbox watermark on screen. Read more about attribution requirements in our terms of service.

Available resources

Learn more about the capabilities of Vision AR for iOS in the API reference and contact our team to request access.