Interacting with the map

GestureDescriptionRelated property
PinchZooms in or out on the map's anchor pointzoomEnabled
RotationChanges the MGLMapView direction based on the user rotating two fingers in a circular motionrotateEnabled
Single tapSelects/deselects the annotation that you tap.
Double tapZooms in on the map's anchor pointzoomEnabled
Two-finger tapZooms out with the map's anchor point centeredzoomEnabled
PanScrolls across mapView (note: if MGLUserTrackingModeFollow is being used, it will be disabled once the user pans)scrollEnabled
Two-finger dragAdjusts the pitch of the MGLMapViewpitchEnabled
One-finger zoomTap twice; on second tap, hold your finger on the map and pan up to zoom in, or down to zoom outzoomEnabled
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