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Custom voice controller

A newer version of the Navigation SDK is available

This page uses v1.4.2 of the Mapbox Navigation SDK. A newer version of the SDK is available. Learn about the latest version, v2.17.0, in the Navigation SDK documentation.

import Foundation
import UIKit
import MapboxCoreNavigation
import MapboxNavigation
import MapboxDirections
import MapboxSpeech
import AVFoundation

class CustomVoiceControllerUI: UIViewController {

override func viewDidLoad() {

let origin = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(37.77440680146262, -122.43539772352648)
let destination = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(37.76556957793795, -122.42409811526268)
let routeOptions = NavigationRouteOptions(coordinates: [origin, destination])

Directions.shared.calculate(routeOptions) { [weak self] (session, result) in
switch result {
case .failure(let error):
case .success(let response):
guard let route = response.routes?.first, let strongSelf = self else {

// For demonstration purposes, simulate locations if the Simulate Navigation option is on.
let navigationService = MapboxNavigationService(route: route, routeIndex: 0, routeOptions: routeOptions, simulating: simulationIsEnabled ? .always : .onPoorGPS)

// `MultiplexedSpeechSynthesizer` will provide "a backup" functionality to cover cases, which
// our custom implementation cannot handle.
let speechSynthesizer = MultiplexedSpeechSynthesizer([CustomVoiceController(), SystemSpeechSynthesizer()] as? [SpeechSynthesizing])
let routeVoiceController = RouteVoiceController(navigationService: navigationService, speechSynthesizer: speechSynthesizer)
// Remember to pass our `Voice Controller` to `Navigation Options`!
let navigationOptions = NavigationOptions(navigationService: navigationService, voiceController: routeVoiceController)

let navigationViewController = NavigationViewController(for: route, routeIndex: 0, routeOptions: routeOptions, navigationOptions: navigationOptions)
navigationViewController.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen

strongSelf.present(navigationViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)

class CustomVoiceController: MapboxSpeechSynthesizer {

// You will need audio files for as many or few cases as you'd like to handle
// This example just covers left and right. All other cases will fail the Custom Voice Controller and force a backup System Speech to kick in
let turnLeft = NSDataAsset(name: "turnleft")!.data
let turnRight = NSDataAsset(name: "turnright")!.data

override func speak(_ instruction: SpokenInstruction, during legProgress: RouteLegProgress, locale: Locale? = nil) {

guard let soundForInstruction = audio(for: legProgress.currentStep) else {
// When `MultiplexedSpeechSynthesizer` receives an error from one of it's Speech Synthesizers,
// it requests the next on the list
didSpeak: instruction,
with: SpeechError.noData(instruction: instruction,
options: SpeechOptions(text: instruction.text)))
speak(instruction, data: soundForInstruction)

func audio(for step: RouteStep) -> Data? {
switch step.maneuverDirection {
case .left:
return turnLeft
case .right:
return turnRight
return nil // this will force report that Custom View Controller is unable to handle this case