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Show the user's location on the map

Before running this example, make sure you have followed the privacy and permissions steps outlined in this guide.

import UIKit
import MapboxMaps
public class ViewController: UIViewController {
internal var mapView: MapView!
internal var cameraLocationConsumer: CameraLocationConsumer!
override public func viewDidLoad() {
// Set initial camera settings
let options = MapInitOptions(cameraOptions: CameraOptions(zoom: 15.0))
mapView = MapView(frame: view.bounds, mapInitOptions: options)
mapView.autoresizingMask = [.flexibleWidth, .flexibleHeight]
cameraLocationConsumer = CameraLocationConsumer(mapView: mapView)
// Add user position icon to the map with location indicator layer
mapView.location.options.puckType = .puck2D()
// Allows the delegate to receive information about map events.
mapView.mapboxMap.onNext(.mapLoaded) { _ in
// Register the location consumer with the map
// Note that the location manager holds weak references to consumers, which should be retained
self.mapView.location.addLocationConsumer(newConsumer: self.cameraLocationConsumer)
// Create class which conforms to LocationConsumer, update the camera's centerCoordinate when a locationUpdate is received
public class CameraLocationConsumer: LocationConsumer {
weak var mapView: MapView?
init(mapView: MapView) {
self.mapView = mapView
public func locationUpdate(newLocation: Location) {
to: CameraOptions(center: newLocation.coordinate, zoom: 15),
duration: 1.3)