open class Route : DirectionsResult

A Route object defines a single route that the user can follow to visit a series of waypoints in order. The route object includes information about the route, such as its distance and expected travel time. Depending on the criteria used to calculate the route, the route object may also include detailed turn-by-turn instructions.

Typically, you do not create instances of this class directly. Instead, you receive route objects when you request directions using the Directions.calculate(_:completionHandler:) method. However, if you use the Directions.url(forCalculating:) method instead, you can pass the results of the HTTP request into this class’s initializer.

  • Initializes a new route object with the given JSON dictionary representation and waypoints.

    This initializer is intended for use in conjunction with the Directions.url(forCalculating:) method.



    public init(json: [String : Any], waypoints: [Waypoint], options: RouteOptions)



    A JSON dictionary representation of the route as returned by the Mapbox Directions API.


    An array of waypoints that the route visits in chronological order.


    The options used when requesting the route.