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Video: Eject a style component in Studio

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This video tutorial shows you how to eject a style component so you can edit an otherwise locked property of an individual style layer in Mapbox Studio. In this case, the video demonstrates how to show capital cities only on the map by ejecting the Place labels style component, then applying a data filter to the settlement-major-label layer that contains the data for major city names.

Getting started

  • 0:13 - Log into Studio and open or create a new style.

Use style components

  • 0:18 - Use components to style typography before you eject any components.
  • 0:55 - Hide components to make them disappear from your map.

Examine a style component

  • 1:47 - View the layers included in a component
  • 2:09 - Click a layer to see options in the Style panel.

Eject a style component

  • 2:15 - Toggle to the Data panel to filter data shown in a layer.
  • 2:51 - Toggle to the Components panel and click the component.
  • 2:52 - Click More options and Eject component to eject the component.

Edit a layer directly

  • 3:14 - Click the layer, toggle to the Data panel and click the Filter option.
  • 3:24 - Add a new data condition to filter data for that layer.
  • 4:33 - Edit typography using layers instead of style components.

Next steps

Now you know how to eject a style component so you can edit a style layer's data filters in Mapbox Studio.

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