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Video: Eject a style component in Studio

Eject a style component to access a layer's data filters in Mapbox Studio. In this example, we apply a data filter to show capital cities only.

Getting started

  • 0:13 - Log into Studio and open or create a new style.

Use style components

  • 0:18 - Use components to style typography before you eject any components.
  • 0:55 - Hide components to make them disappear from your map.

Examine a style component

  • 1:47 - View the layers included in a component
  • 2:09 - Click a layer to see options in the Style panel.

Eject a style component

  • 2:15 - Toggle to the Data panel to filter data shown in a layer.
  • 2:51 - Toggle to the Components panel and click the component.
  • 2:52 - Click More options and Eject component to eject the component.

Edit a layer directly

  • 3:14 - Click the layer, toggle to the Data panel and click the Filter option.
  • 3:24 - Add a new data condition to filter data for that layer.
  • 4:33 - Edit typography using layers instead of style components.