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Video: Add markers to a map with Studio

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This video tutorial shows you how to add markers to a map with Mapbox Studio by creating a tileset with your point data, using that tileset as a data source for a map layer, and styling that layer with markers.

You can also follow a written tutorial for this task.

Getting started

Create a dataset

  • 1:01 - Explanation of drag-and-drop workflow to create a tileset.
  • 1:22 - Open your Datasets page
  • 1:30 - Create a new dataset and upload your data file.
  • 1:39 - Edit your dataset and add a new feature, if you want.

Create a tileset

  • 2:27 - Export your data set to a tileset.
  • 2:41 - Copy the tileset ID.

Create a layer

  • 2:57 - Return to your map in Studio.
  • 3:00 - Add a new layer.
  • 3:02 - Select your new tileset as the data source for the layer.
  • 3:21 - Change the layer type to Symbol.

Style the layer

  • 3:28 - Style the layer.
  • 3:40 - Select an icon to use as a marker.

Next steps

Now you know how to add markers to a map with Mapbox Studio.

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