Video: Create a 3D terrain map with hypsometric tinting

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Use elevation data to apply color tinting to 3D terrain in a map style with Mapbox Studio.

Getting started

  • 0:00 - Log into Studio.
  • 0:18 - Create a new map style using the Outdoors template.
  • 0:36 - Pan to a region with mountains or varied terrain.

Create a new layer

  • 0:59 - Create a copy of the contour-line layer.
  • 1:26 - Change the new layer type to Fill extrusion.

Style the layer

  • 1:54 - Style the layer Color across a data range.
  • 3:18 - Style the layer Height across a data range.

Explore your 3D style

  • 4:02 - Change the map pitch to explore your 3D style.
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