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Video: Perform batch geocoding with a Mapbox macro for Alteryx

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This video shows Alteryx users how to use the Mapbox Search macro for Alteryx, powered by the Mapbox Geocoding API, to do batch geocoding operations:

  • Batch forward geocoding operations convert batches of location strings, like addresses or city names, into latitude/longitude coordinates.
  • Batch reverse geocoding operations convert batches of latitude/longitude coordinates into location names at granularity levels including country, region, postcode, district, place, locality, neighborhood, or street address.

Create a workflow

  • 0:31 - Add data (like a list of addresses) to your Alteryx workflow.
  • 0:47 - Download the Mapbox Search macro from the Alteryx gallery.

Use the macro

  • 1:06 - Insert the Mapbox Search macro to your Alteryx workflow.
  • 1:13 - Configure your workflow.
  • 1:41 - Add your Mapbox access token to the configuration.
  • 2:10 - Add Browse modules to see (and map) output data.
  • 2:28 - Run the workflow.

See macro results

  • 2:38 - See your output data.
  • 2:47 - See your output data rendered on a map.
  • 2:53 - See results in more detail, including accuracy and relevance scores.
  • 3:25 - See the longitude, latitude, and centroid of each result.

Next steps

Now you know how to do batch geocoding in Alteryx using the Mapbox Search macro.

Here are some things to try next: