Video: Map travel distances with a Mapbox macro for Alteryx

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The Mapbox Isochrones macro for Alteryx is powered by the Isochrone API, which gives you the ability to create isochrone polygons for driving, walking, and cycling.

Getting started

Create a workflow

  • 0:26 - Add data (like a list of coordinate pairs) to your Alteryx workflow.
  • 0:31 - Download the Mapbox Isochrones macro from the Alteryx gallery.

Use the macro

  • 0:44 - Insert the Mapbox Isochrones macro to your Alteryx workflow.
  • 0:49 - Add your access token to the configuration.
  • 0:55 - Configure your workflow.
  • 1:50 - Add Browse modules to see (and map) output data.
  • 1:54 - Run the workflow.

See macro results

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